MTI University : Library & facilities (طباعة)
Library & facilities
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·       MTI library:

As one most advanced library, M.T.I library acquires and promotes access to unique collections of valuable books and published articles around the world.

M.T.I library grants the university students success to the biggest digital libraries around the world, such as EBICO, Wales online library and other digital libraries on personal demand that helps the university students accomplish their needs.

The library staff is ready to help all students to get the most benefits from these facilities.

At the beginning of every semester, the library staff arranges an introductory orientation tour for new comers to illustrate the library facilities.


·       Medical Centre :

M.T.I Provides medical service center for all M.T.I community members. The medical service is run by the university doctor and nurses .They provide urgent medical treatment and advice during university hours. A specialized hospital is also under construction.


·       Transportation Services:

M.T.I assists in transportation services for students to and from main area centers in Cairo, where other transportation facilities are available, to provide students with an easy access to the university campus.

M.T.I welcomes application from students with the special needs and long –term medical conditions .Applications are assessed on the academic bases as the rest of their colleagues. Students with the special needs are encouraged to visit M.T.I before applying, to view the facilities provided by the university and assess if their particular requirements can be met.