MTI University : Festival of Mobile Movies and Personal Digital Cameras (طباعة)
Festival of Mobile Movies and Personal Digital Cameras
آخر تحديث: الأربعاء 16/12/2015 05:04 م

Faculty of Mass Communication held on Wednesday, 16th of December, the festival of Mobile Movies and Personal Digital Cameras.

A committee of experts and media professors was formed to arbitrate the presented works in which 15 departments from various Mass Communication Faculties within The committee includes:

First: Arbitration Committee of Advertisements and Photographic Images:

·        Professor Safwat El-Alem,

Professor, Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University.

·        Dr. Mohamed Bassyouny,

Journalist at Al-Ahram Newspaper.

·        Mr. Abd-Al Azeem Sedky,

Manager of Public Relations at Egypt Air Company.

Second: Arbitration Committee of Mobile Movies and Television Works:

·        Professor Adel Abdel- Ghaffar,

Dean of Faculty of Mass Communication, Bani Swaif University.

·        Mrs. Magda Mouris, Art critic.

·        Mr. Omar Zahran, Television director.

* They also hosted the famous actor Ashraf Abd Al-Baky as a guest.