MTI University : Kholoud Ahmed Yousef (طباعة)
Kholoud Ahmed Yousef
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Personal Data:
Full Name: Kholoud Ahmed Yousef  Ibrahim Al Habashy
Date of birth: August 18th, 1986

Master’s degree of pharmaceutical sciences 
(Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry)
Faculty of pharmacy, Cairo university, Egypt.
Giza, Egypt 
March 2015

Premasters  of pharmaceutical sciences
(Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry)
Grade: Excellent
Faculty of pharmacy, Cairo university, Egypt.
Giza, Egypt 
October 2010
Grade: Excellent

Bachelor of pharmaceutical Sciences degree.
Grade: Very Good with honors.
Faculty of pharmacy, Cairo university, Egypt.
Giza, Egypt 
May 2008

October 2009- October 2010
Completed Premasters courses in Analytical chemistry , Grade: Excellent (3.61 out of 4)
Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo university.
The included courses are:
• Computer sciences & its applications.
• Chromatography.
• Mathematics and applications.
• Spectrophotometry.
• Basic statistics.
• Stability indicating methods.
• Advanced instrumental methods for analysis.
• Electrochemical analysis.
• Quality control in pharmaceutical industry.
• Scientific Research and writing.
• Analytical Separation Techniques.
• Functional Analysis
• Thermal analysis
May 2011-  19 February 2015 ( Final Defense day) 
Title ( Study of some drugs safe during pregnancy).
Completed Masters degree in Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry 
Faculty of Pharmacy , Cairo university, Egypt

October 2015 to present
Assistant Lecturer at Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry department, Faculty of Pharmacy , Modern University for Technology and Information (MTI), Cairo , Egypt.

April 2009 - September 2015 (Almost Seven years)
Teaching Assistant and Assistant Lecturer at Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry department, Faculty of Pharmacy, October University for Modern Sciences & Arts  (MSA)-Cairo,  Egypt.

Teaching and assisting in the delivery of academic education courses for undergraduates, the courses include:
• Analytical chemistry 1 ( Inorganic chemistry : Cations and anions)
• Analytical chemistry 2 ( Volumetric analysis)
• Analytical chemistry 3 ( Redox and gravimetric analysis)
• Instrumental Analysis
• Quality Control 
• Oils and fats analysis
• General and physical chemistry
• Water analysis
• Applied chemistry

In addition, I was involved in several administrative, academic, and cultural activities in the university, include:
Registration  & advising for the students .

Teaching Assistant for Industrial  Chemistry course for Engineering students, Faculty of Engineering, October University for Modern Sciences & Arts  (MSA)- Egypt- (2011-2012) beside my intial work as Teaching Assistant Lecturer at Pharmaceutical and Analytical Chemistry department- Faculty of Pharmacy (MSA).

September  2007 -  September  2009 ( 2 years).
Mamdoh Rabee pharmacy, Pharmacist.
Main Responsibilities include:
• Dispensing over the country (OTC) drugs.
• Dispensing prescribed drugs.
• Compounding and preparing of prescriptions in the pharmacy laboratory.

Motivating students to interact in their courses. Students should be always interested in their study and adherent to their university.  I believe that for reaching best educational results, Teaching should  be  an educational process ,moreover an entertaining process linked with applications in our present and future. Teaching is equivalent to education, entertainment , correlation with our present and being a mentor for building students' personalities.

1. Simultaneous determination of metronidazole  and diiodohydroxyquin in bulk     powders and paramibe compound tablets by TLC densitometry and HPLC, Pharmaceutica  Analytica  Acta , 3 (10), (2012 ), http// dx /10.4172/2153-2435.1000201.

2. Simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of metronidazole  and diiodohydroxyquin,  Analytical Chemistry : an indian journal , 13 (01) : 23-32, (2013).

3. Simultaneous determination of omeprazole, tinidazole and clarithromycin in bulk powders and Helicure tablets by TLC densitometric technique, Journal of Pharmaceutical  Education and  Research, 4 (1) : 34-40, (2013)

4. Simultaneous determination of omeprazole, tinidazole and clarithromycin in bulk powders and Helicure tablets by HPLC, Journal of  Chromatography and Separation Techniques,  5 (2), (2014),  doi: 10.4172/2157-7064.1000221.

5. Ion selective membrane sensors for the determination of tinidazole and clarithromycin in bulk powder and pharmaceutical formulation, Analytical and Bioanalytical  Electrochemistry, 6 (4) : 1-13, (2014).

• Publishing an International Book in LAMBERT ACADMIC PUBLISHING.
Title: “Study of Some Gastrointestinal Tract Drugs Safe During Pregnancy”
Author: Kholoud Ahmed Yousef Ibrahim Al Habashy
ISBN: 978-3-659-74656-5
Pages:  372
Published on: 2015-07-10
Book Language: English
Category: Pharmacy
Available on market and Online via “LAMBERT ACADEMIC PUBLISHING”

Participation in the Club Journal of the Faculty of Pharmacy (MSA) by holding seminar for under the title of “ Study of some gastrointestinal tract drugs safe during pregnancy on Tuesday 24/02/2015.

Academic Workshops:
• Presentation skills courses, MSA, 2009
• Motivation and coaching students, MSA, 2009
• Body language, MSA, 2009
• Quality courses, MSA, 2009
• Persuasive teaching, MSA, 2009
• Critical thinking, MSA, 2010
• Emotional intelligence, MSA, 2010
• Goal setting and personal productivity, MSA, 2010
• Creative problem solving program, MSA, 2010
• Communication styles program, MSA, 2010
• Positive attitude, MSA, 2011
• How to win your students, MSA, 2011
• Goal setting, MSA, 2012
• Outstanding teaching assistant, MSA, 2012
• Research wriring, MSA, 2013
• Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, (SPSS course), MSA, 2013
• Time and stress management, MSA, 2014
• ICDL, 2015

Member of the Project Committee and representative for the Analytical Chemistry Department in the Committee – MSA University - 2013 

Supervisor for students’ graduation projects submitted as a partial fulfillment of B.Sc. Degree in Pharmaceutical sciences for October University for Modern Sciences and Arts under the titles of:
• “Analytical study of some non-steroidal antiinflamatory drugs in bulk powders and different pharmaceutical dosage forms”, 2014
• “Analytical Study of certain antifungal drugs”, fall 2013
• “Analytical study of certain Beta blocker drugs”, 2012
• “Analytical study of some GIT drugs”, 2012
• “Colorimetric analysis of some phenolic containing drugs’, 2011
• “Analytical methods for binary mixtures in pharmaceutical formulations”, 2010.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Seif El Din Ashour
Former Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy- MSA University, Cairo, Egypt.

1. Managerial Skills:
• Time Management
• Presentation & Communication 
• Stress management
• Coaching Students

2. Computer Skills
• Efficiency in using Windows.
• Efficiency in using the whole Microsoft office package.
• Internet management.
• Efficiency in using Oracle Data Base.
• Fast typing.

3. Languages
• Arabic: Mother tongue.
•  English: Excellent written & spoken.
•  French: Very good written & spoken.