MTI University : Nursing (طباعة)
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Faculty of Nursing

A- The Tuition Fees are 11.000 L.E per semester
B- In addition to 1000 LE. As labs insurance paid for the first time only
 C- In addition to 1000 LE for training per year.
D- Foreign Student paid all Tuition Fees by Sterling pounds, In addition to 1000 Sterling pounds paid once at initial registration.
Specialized areas can be chosen:
- Advanced critical care nursing
- Adult Psychiatric Nursing
- Surgical pediatric
- Midwifery
- Operating room
- Oncology nursing
- Renal Dialysis

- A Student needs to study & pass 57courses together with a graduation project.
- A maximum of 3 courses could be registered in summer sessions of any academic year.
- So the Total number of credit hours needed for graduation is 154.