MTI University : Engineering (طباعة)
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Faculty of Engineering:
A- The Tuition Fees are 16000 (Egyptian pounds) per semester.
B- Foreign Student paid all Tuition Fees by Sterling pounds, In addition to 1000 Sterling pounds paid once at initial registration.
C- 2000 LE for summer Training.

- All Fees paid in Sterling pound according to the exchange rate announced in payment day.
Egyptian Students should get at least 80% of "Thanaweya Amma" Certificate to be allowed to register in this Faculty.
- Foreign Students should get at least 65% of secondary Certificate to be allowed to register in this Faculty.

The Faculty awards the Bachelor degree in the following specialization:
1-  Bioelectronics Engineering.
2-  Control Eng .
3- Communication Eng. Computer Eng.
4- Electrical Engineering
5- Civil Engineering
6- Constructions Management.
7- Technical Engineering.
8- Architecture Engneering.

- A maximum of 3 courses could be registered in summer sessions of any academic year.
- So the Total number of credit hours needed for graduation is 170.