MTI University : Aims & Activities (طباعة)
Aims & Activities
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1- Training undergraduates, postgraduates, and employees in different areas in order to acquire a technical experience.

2- Assist modern university students to enrich their knowledge in different fields such as computer sciences, language teaching, tourism and hotels, engineering, management, media, pharmacy, physiotherapy, dentistry and nursing using technology and appropriate teaching techniques.

3- Providing practical training for administrators and members of staff offering appropriate programs.

4- Collaborating with local and international centers’ and colleges to foster and carry out the previous tasks.

5- Teaching Arabic as a foreign language enhancing Arabic and Egyptian Culture.

6- Preparing junior graduates to apply for the Institute of Diplomats.

7- The career center is dedicated to helping students effectively utilize their talents, education and training by assisting in the employer/employee selection process. Every student is encouraged to become knowledgeable of, and utilize, all service. 

Other Activities:
1- Projects for the environment / civic Education.
2- Projects for child development.
3- Conference and seminar planning
4- Technical consulting and feasibility studies for projects

Future plans:
1- Publishing periodicals and bulletins.
2- Offering customized programs (Tailoring).
3- Designing educational programs and e-learning.