MTI University : Mission & Vision (طباعة)
Mission & Vision
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Mission Statement:

The Languages Center is pro-active in initiating new activities that fit the needs of the academic community. The Languages Center uses existing learning tools supplemented with self-developed materials whenever necessary. We continuously improve our courses by conducting and implementing innovation projects. Our lessons take place in our modern and state of the art multimedia classrooms. Our lecturers have been academically trained and are always up to date on developments in their field. Their teaching methods stimulate active participation by students.

The Languages Center is a natural partner for all the Faculties within the University. It seeks to build cross-cultural understanding through teaching foreign languages, thus enhancing their ability to communicate effectively with the outside world.

As well as enhancing the political, economic and cultural ties between Egypt and other parts of the world.


To lead our students to achieve measurable progress in communicative competence, The Center provides an interactive and stimulating learning environment based on the use of the theoretically sound methodologies, creative instructional practices, technology-related resources, and goals aligned with student's linguistic, cultural and academic growth. We want our students to have control of the language as instrument to communicate adequately.

Therefore, communicative needs rather than merely knowledge about the language are the focal point of the courses. The courses we offer are flexible and varied. For different learning goals, we develop different learning and support tracks: language courses, individual tracks and language tests.