MTI University : Aims & Courses (طباعة)
Aims & Courses
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* To provide M.T.I. students in all fields with the valuable knowledge of foreign languages since English is the teaching language of all study subjects.

* To prepare the curricula for the English Language courses for the various Faculties of the University, taking into consideration the varied needs of each Faculty.

* To tutor M.T.I. students by experienced instructors in English to master a high level in technical writing and scientific language skills, international business and presentation competence.

* To qualify M.T.I. students after the completion of their language education at M.T.I. would be well qualified for a practical career in their field of study. They would be familiar with cross-cultural issues having a foreign cultural competence through multi-lingual education.

* To meet the global standards demanded by the respective academic and labor market through reaching completion of scientific studies and research at M.T.I.


The English Center at the M.T.I. offers the following credit and non-credit courses:

A) Credit Courses
* Teaching the different English Courses, which are parts of the program of each of the Faculties of the University.

* Intensive Courses in English Language with the main objective of improving the level of M.T.I. students in English to meet with the requirements of the language level at the M.T.I.

* Conversational English (Learning English through conversation and Listening activities). This course is offered to both the academic and administrative staff of the M.T.I.

B) Non-Credit Courses:
The Languages Center at the M.T.I., besides offering non-credit courses on a variety of levels to the University Students, offers them as well courses in different languages in an attempt to effectively contribute to the cultural awareness of the students to other cultures and to their ability to comprehend and communicate in different languages. These courses are in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Romanian and German.

Besides, the Center offers an advanced course in the preparation for the TOEFL to both University students and to learners from outside the University. It is worthy of notice that the Center is licensed to be one of the few centers in Egypt that administer the IBT test (Internet Based TOEFL).