MTI University : Project of Pharmacy Profession Development "Triple-PD" (طباعة)
Project of Pharmacy Profession Development "Triple-PD"
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About the Project:  
The Project is one of the main projects of the Pharmacy Professional Development Committee in Egyptian Pharmaceutical Student’s Federation (EPSF) taking part in International Pharmaceutical Student’s Federation (IPSF) "Patient Counseling competition".  

The project is utilized to provide the pharmaceutical students with the scientific data they may need to provide the counseling for patients and also the skills they will need to deliver this scientific data including the presentation skills, negotiation skills, body language control and other skills.

The project would serve not only in helping to educate patients about their medications, but would also serve to open communication lines further between the pharmacist and the patient. 
As the world of pharmacy is constantly updating, keeping your clinical skills up-to date is paramount.
EPSF continues to care about the community, as that pharmacist should have patient counseling skills and clinical skills, so we had to contribute to increase the awareness of those skills for Egyptian pharmacy students.  
The project is focusing on helping pharmacy student to use their clinical knowledge to solve drug related problems in the field of pharmaceutical science and to improve the patient’s drug therapy and to promote the role of the pharmacist in patient care as a counselor not only a dispenser. 
Triple PD is a long term project aiming to contribute in developing the critical role of a pharmacist as a health care provider working with his team, dealing directly with the patient acting as the first line of defense for every help seeker. 

For the second year successively, Triple PD is launched carrying the exact vision of ensuring the "Actual pharmacy practice" putting the next stone into the path of change. A qualified pharmacist, skilled student and an aware community would be our target of the year work pursuing our goal with professional manners.

Reaching pharmacy students who are interested in the upper vision with some sessions that provides basic skills and some needed medical information that serves patient counseling practice. 
Dividing the participants in 2 levels (beginner and advanced) to ensure the effective participation of the students who did not study basics of clinical Pharmacy and pharmacology at the current time.
Letting the participants practice what they have learnt during the sessions by a real interaction with a wide range of public. 
Letting the participants reach wide range of graduated pharmacists with the "Patient Counseling" concept through a survey.
Letting the participants spread the importance of Clinical pharmacy knowledge as well as Patient Counseling skills to all pharmacy students.
Holding a competition that qualifies the best-rated participants to the national level then the international one.