MTI University : Islam Ahmed El-Sayed (طباعة)
Islam Ahmed El-Sayed
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Personal Data:

Full Name: Islam Ahmed El Sayed Nasr   


Date of birth: 03/03/1987



·  Bachelor of Production Engineering- Faculty of Engineering – Ain Shams University – July 200

·     Graduation project :- Applied Lean Manufacturing system and line balancing on the assembly line of BMW factory

·       Graduation project grade :- Excellent

·       General graduation grade :- Sufficient


Teaching Experience:

·        Engineering drawing I

·        Engineering Drawing II

·        Mechanical Drawing

·        Modeling & Simulation of Industrial Systems

·        Strength of Materials

·        Stress Analysis

·        Computer Integrated Manufacturing

·        Production Engineering III

·        Production Engineering I

·        Production Engineering II


Teaching interests:

·       Mechanical design

·       Production Management

·       Industrial Planning & Scheduling


1-   Prof.Dr. Mohamed Salah El Din Abbas

Vice president for post graduate studies and research – Modern University for technology and information



2-   Prof.Dr.Moatasim Abdel Baky Shahin

Proffesor of Mechanical Engineering – Faculty of Engineering – Modern University for technology & information