MTI University : Layla Medhat Eltehewy (طباعة)
Layla Medhat Eltehewy
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Personal Data:

Full Name:  Layla Medhat Eltehewy


Date of birth: 5th march 1992


· The royal commission Al-Thanwya Al-Thanya secondary education, Saudi Arabia, Jobal Industrial City 2009

·   Bachelor of Engineering, Mechatronics, M.T.I. University, Grade excellent. 2015                                                                       

·    Postgraduate at Helwan University.  since 2015        

Teaching Experience:

·    Teacher assistant at mechatronics department, MTI University, since 2015.


Teaching Interests:

·   Interesting in a teaching of: PLC, Refrigeration, Stress Analysis, Strength of Material, Mechatronics I &II and Design II.



·   Attended a Seminar of the 1st Energy Saving Solutions and Recycling Exhibition organized by Go Green EXPO,  Move pick Hotel of 6 October.25- 26 May2013.

·    Attended a Workshop on Solar Energy in Egypt, Jelecom Training Center, and Nasr City. Aug 2014.


 Academic Subjects:

 Teacher assistant of:

·    Mechanical Drawing                              fall 2015

·    Drawing II.                                            fall2015

·    Strength of Material.                              fall 2015

·    Mechatronics I.                                       fall2015

·    Vibration & Control Systems.               fall 2015

·    Mechatronics II.                                 spring2015

·    Design II.                                            spring2015

·    Engineering mechanics.                     spring2015

·    Drawing II.                                         spring2015


Academic Workshops:

·    Premium Project on Solar Energy in Building on-Grid 120 Watt System, spring2013

·     Graduation project on building thermo-acoustic compressor wave unit. Grade A+, summer 2015

·     Field Basic Training on Heavy Duty Diesel Engines in Arab Contractor Company, Maintenance Department, summer 2012

·     Training Course on CNC Lathe in the Staff Training Institute following the Ministry of Commercial and Industry, summer 2013

·     Basic course in 3D-MAX program, at Al-Zamel for petroleum services. summer 2014