MTI University : Mohamed Taher El- Mayah (طباعة)
Mohamed Taher El- Mayah
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Mohamed Taher El-
•   B.Sc. degree in mechanical Engineering and Bachelor of military Sciences from Military Technical College (MTC), Cairo, Egypt, on April 1966.

•   Diploma in the field of Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines.

•   Teaching assistance at the Aircraft department, MTC, on April, 1967.

•   Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from VAAZ Academy.
•   Assistant professor at the aircraft department , MTC, Cairo, Egypt, on April , 1975.

•   One year visiting associate professor at the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA, on February, 1982.

•   Professor degree in Mechanical Engineering at MTC on September 1985.

•   Head of the Aircraft department, MTC, in 1988 

•   Head of Training and Teaching affairs, MTC, in 1990.

•   Head of specialized Mechanical Engineering Branch, MTC, in 1992.

•   Deputy of the commandant of MTC from January 1993 to December 1994.

•   Professor at MTC from January 1995 to January 2001.

•   Head of academic affairs at Modern Academy from February 2001 to September 2005. 

•   Vice dean of faculty of computer science at Modern University for Technology and information from
 September 2005 till present.

1. Academic
As a professor in the Aircraft department (MTC) and as a visiting associate professor in the department of  Aeronautical and Astromautical Engineering, (OSU) Primary course responsibility has been in the area of Gas Turbine Engines. Courses have been taught in the following areas:

-   Theory of Gas Turbine Engines.
-   Gas Turbine Engines Control.
-   Testing of Gas Turbine Engines.
-   Hydraulic power systems.
In addition, graduate students at the Master and Ph.D levels regularly are advised in the area of Gas Turbine Engines control.

2. Planning and Development of programs and courses:
As the Head of Training and Teaching Affairs and as the deputy of the commandant of the military Technical college, responsibility has been in the area of planning and development of engineering, education and training programs and courses for various specializations in MTC.

3. Practical Experience:
-   A six months intensive training course at Aircraft Engines Factory, Helwan, Egypt, in 1967.
-   Worked as research member at " Jehostroy Veleshim" research center during Ph.D. study in the period from May 1973 to December 1974.
-   Planning and Construction of various Gas Turbine Engine laboratories at Military technical College, Egypt.
-   Worked in the development project of the Egyptian jet trainer (Kahira-200)
-   Worked as Consultant for several scientific and technical committees in the field of Gas Turbine Engines.
-   Manager of the project of the Egyptian jet Fire Extinguisher which was certified on Dec.1994.

4. Other Experiences
-   Research seminars and Technical meetings.
-   Member of steering committee of the conference of Aeronautical science and Aviation Technology sponsored by MTC, Cairo, Egypt.

•   "Gas Turbine Engine Analysis and control", as refernce of the course AAE 694 taught at the Ohio state University, Ohio, USA, 1983.

•   "On the Determination of Quality Criterion of Linear Automatic control system with  Random Parameters" 1976 conference on mathematics and computer sciences, Alexandria, Egypt, Nov.1976.

•   "An approximate method for calculations of Mixed compressor characteristics", First conference of Mechanical power Engineering, Cairo, Egypt, Feb,1977

•   "Determination of the flight characteristics of a Turbojet Engine Applying the Method of Partial Similarity", First conference of Mechanical power Engineering, Cairo, Egypt, Feb,1977.

•   "Contribution to Improvement of classical method of Maintenance of Aircraft Utilizing the Theory of Net Graphs", The fourth annual operations research confer, Zagazig, Egypt, Feb.1978.

•   "On the statistical analysis of Random Variable Engine Controller Parameters", The third international conference on statistics, Computer science and social research", Zagazig, Egypt, March 1978.

•   "An Algorithm for the design of An Optimal controller for a Gas Turbine Engine", Second International confer of Mechanical power Engineering, Cairo, Egypt.Sept.1978.

•   "On the Analysis of Economic Aspect of Gas Turbine Engine controller", IEEE International conference of ICCS'78, Tokyo,Japan, Nov.1978.

•   "On the Application of statistical Methods for Determining the sensitivity of Aircraft Electronic systems to climatic conditions" The Fifth Annual operations research confer, Zagazig, Egypt, December 1978.

•   "On Utilization of computer in the planning and supply with spare parts in aviation field", Informatica'79, Bled, Yugoslavia, Oct.1979.

•   "A General Theoretical Investigation of Modern pressure sensing control Valves", Informatica'79, Bled. Yugoslavia, Oct.1979.

•   "On the design of Optimal Regulation System for a Gas Turbine Engine" Informatic'79, Yugoslavia, Oct.1979.

   Refereeing of Publications, MSc and Ph.D. works in the fields of Theory of Gas Turbine engines, Hydraulic control systems and Gas Turbine engines control.

English and Arabic Languages are fluently spoken and written.

-   Member of the Education council of the Military Technical College, Egypt.

-   Training award, 1970.
-   Republic award, 1994.