MTI University : Ahmed Allam Sayed Al-Sanabawy (طباعة)
Ahmed Allam Sayed Al-Sanabawy
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M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering - Military Technical College (MTC) – 1990
B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering - Military Technical College (MTC) – 1978 

1. Operation & maintenance of sophisticated electronic equipments, Special Training course, R&S Germany, 1987.

2. Career & Experience:

a. In the field of Technical Support:
1. Job assignment:
Electronic equipments repair & maintenance (5 years),
Electronics workshop Manager (6 years),
Electronics warehouse Manager (4.5 years),
Staff member at Institute of electronics (3 years)
 2. Experience:
Repair, maintenance, and development of sophisticated electronic equipments and systems.
Electronics warehouse management,
Operation and Maintenance of Spectrum Monitoring H/V/UHF
Fixed and Mobile Stations.

b. As a teaching staff:
Teaching the following courses:

1.  At armed forces technical institute 
* Fundamental of electricity. 
* Electrical measurements.
* Electronic warfare systems. 
2.  At Electronic warfare institute 
* Electronic warfare systems.
* Electrical measurements.

3.  Lectures on Electronic consciousness (Officers of the Armed

c. In the field of Research & Development:
1.  Job assignment:
Member / Chief of electronic systems research teams (15 years),
2.  Experience:
System analysis, design, implementation, development and integration of HF, V/UHF and Microwave sophisticated electronic systems.
Supervision and evaluation of several applied researches in the following areas:
(a) Reconnaissance Systems.
(b) Electronic Counter Measurement Systems (ECM).
(c) Electronic Counter Counter Measurement Systems (ECCM).
(d) Measurement Systems.
(e) Camouflage and Deception.

d. In the field of Procurement:
1. Job assignment:
Member of Electronic Equipments and Systems Planning and Procurement
2. Experience:
Member of electronic equipment and systems (technical specifications and evaluation committees, negotiation and contractual committees)
Acceptance and testing committees,  local / abroad,

(a) Measurements and Measurement Systems.
(b) Communication Systems.
(c) Computer.
(d) Fields and Waves.
(e) Camouflage and Deception.
(f) Repair and maintenance

(a) Germany, training course at R&S Company, 1978.
(b) USA, 1992, acceptance and testing an airborne reconnaissance system. 
(c) Germany, acceptance of reconnaissance system
(d) South Africa, visit to related factories and research centers..
(e) Russia, 2004, acceptance ECM system.
(f)  China, visit to related factories and research centers.

 Extroversion, conscientiousness, open to experiment, can work under pressure.
 Marketing skills: Head and member of technical evaluation, negotiation and contractual committees for electronic warfare equipments.
 Computer Skills,. Windows, Office, programming