MTI University : Dr. Mohammad Helmy Anwar Assal (طباعة)
Dr. Mohammad Helmy Anwar Assal
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BSc – Electrical Engineering (Computers), Military Technical College in 1978.

MSc – Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering of Cairo University iIn 1982.

PhD – Electrical Engineering, Kent University (UK) in 1989.


2006 – Present
-  Head of Information Technology Centre of Modern University for Technology and Information (MTI)
-  Director of Information Technology Center of Modern University for Technology and Information (MTI)

1989 – 2004
-  Lecturer at department of computers and operation research of the Military Technical Institute
Research Affairs
-  Computers and operation research department manager
-  Dean assistant for needs - the Military Technical College 


A – Supervised PhD dissertations:
3D Object Reconstruction Using CT and MRI Images for Surgery

B – PhD dissertations under supervision:
Intelligent Networked Control Systems

C - Supervised MS dissertations:
1-  Data Leakage Security by Controlling Remote Access of Computer Networks
2-  PC Based TV Tracking System
3-  Analysis of Medical Scenes for Disease Diagnosis
4-  On the Design of the Digital Image Processing Packages with Application in Recognition of Handwritten Tabulated Numeric Data
5-  Design and Implementation of Pattern Recognition System
6-  Parallel Processing Applied to Image Processing and TV Tracking
7-  Smart Routing Using Intelligent Agent

•  Successfully participated in a number of technical research projects designed and experimentally implemented by the Egyptian armed forces as follows;
     a- Leaser- based shooting training system
b-  Audition testing system for the central medical centers of the Egyptian armed forces
c-  Data Leakage Security by Controlling Remote Access of Computer Networks
d-  E-learning and educational following up system – the Military Technical College

•  Publications in scientific journals and international conferences

•  In 1998 granted the award of the Best Industrial Project in the Competition of Industrial Creativity and Research from the Arab Organization for Industrialization

•  The Egyptian armed forces representative at the National Committee for Information Preparation since June 2004