MTI University : Ashgan Hussein Kamel Khalil (طباعة)
Ashgan Hussein Kamel Khalil
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Ashgan Hussein Kamel

February 2015
M.Sc. in Computer Science,
Computer Science Department
Arab Academy for Science and Technology & Maritime Transport
Cairo, Egypt
GPA: 3.91
Thesis Title: “Image-Based Steganalysis Algorithm Using Run Length Matrix (RLM)”
Estimate: Excellent

July 2011
M.Sc. in Information Systems,
Information  Systems Department
Sadat Academy
Thesis Title: “A framework of integrated routing protocol for mobile Ad Hoc network”
Estimate: Excellent

September 2009
Pre-masters Program in Computer Science
Computer Science Department
Arab Academy for science, technology and maritime transport
Cairo, Egypt
Estimate: Excellent

September 2004
Pre-masters Program in Information Systems
Information  Systems Department
Sadat Academy
Cairo, Egypt

July 2000
B.Sc. in Computer Science
Modern Academy in Maadi
Cairo, Egypt
Estimate:  Excellent Honours  Degree
Graduation project:  “Electronic Library using Oracle”
Estimate: Excellent


February 2012 – Present
Assistant Lecturer of Computing
University of Wales validated schemes
Faculty of Computer Science
Modern University for Technology & Information (MTI)
Cairo, Egypt.

September 2000-Janurary2012
Instructor of Computing
Modern Academy in Maadi for Computer Science & Management Technology (MAM)
Cairo, Egypt.

"Modern Academy in Maadi" - Administered the following courses according to Egyptian University syllabus
-  Object Oriented Programming using C++
-  Database using Access
-  Programming language using Visual Basic 
-  Artificial Intelligence
-  Technical writing
-  Introduction to computer using C/ Bascal language
-  SQL
-  Internet& HTML
-  Introduction to Operating System
-  Operational Research
-  Computer Graphics using C language

"Modern University for Technology & Information" - Administered the following courses according to university of Wales validated schemes Faculty of Computer Science
-  Software Engineering  I
-  Software Engineering  II
-  Technical Report Writing
-  Programming Language using C++
-  Computer Architecture
-  Object Oriented I
-  Object Oriented II

-  English Very Good command, written and spoken
-  TOEFL September  2012: Score: 515

•  Excellent command of using latest versions of Microsoft Office applications and Internet facilities.
•  C++
•  Visual Basic

•  2009: “ How to be a good leader” , course by Dr Ibrahim Al Fekee