MTI University : Hafez Mohamed Salah Abdel-Wahab (طباعة)
Hafez Mohamed Salah Abdel-Wahab
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Hafez Mohamed Salah
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Electrical Engineering (Excellent with Honor Degree), from The Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt, in July, 1976.

Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Digital Signal Processing Title: "FM/CW Radio Altimeter Using Digital Frequency Discriminator", from Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt, in May, 1983.

Doctor of Philosophy: (Ph. D) in Electronics Engineering [Major Area: Digital Signal Processing, Parallel Processing, Pattern Recognition, & Multivariate Analysis. Minor Area: Computer Engineering].

Title: “Analysis & Implementation of Multi-level Cellular Architecture for Pattern Recognition”, From Electronics Laboratory, Kent University at Canterbury UKC, England, UK, CTZ034 in April, 1989.

a) Work Experience: 
-  Squad Maintenance Engineer & Avionics Chief Engineer for Workshop in Egyptian Air Force where testing, maintenance and repairing of Airborne equipments (Radar, Navigation and Communication equipments) take place. 

-  Very Good experience in planning and managing the teaching process.

-  Excellent experience in computer networks from design level to implementation and administration levels [Including Novel 3.1, Lucent RAS, Switches, Routers, Cisco Equipments and Access switches, Ascends , 3-com equipments, Radius, Windows Servers  & Remote Access Servers management and control].
-  Very good experience in different O.S including Unix, Solaris 2.6, 8, 9, Linux, TOAS and all windows O.S.

b) Teaching Experience:
-  At the Military Technical College (1980 – 1985) :
Taught all basic courses in Mathematics, Electronics, Computer Engineering, Radar Systems, Avionics, Communication, and Signal Processing.

-  At The Electronic Laboratory – Kent University  (1985– 1989):
Worked as GTA and taught: Programming in standard C, Electrical Circuits & Design of Electronic Circuits.

c) Programming Languages and Computer Applications :
-  Proficient at Basic, FORTRAN, Pascal, C Languages (C++, C#), perl & SQL
-  Proficient at SPICE, Analog Workbench, Matlab.

d) Lecturer: At the Military Technical College (1989 – 2004) & MTI-University (2005 till Now).
 Undergraduate Subjects:
1.  Introduction to Computer.
2.  Programming Language (C, C++, C#).
3.  Operating Systems.
4.  Computer Networks.
5.  Data Communication
6.  Databases & SQL
7.  Logic Circuits.
8.  Algorithms
9.  Information & Computer security
10.  Aviation Computers
11.  Digital Image Processing
12.  Mathematics
13.  Electronic Circuits
14.  Electronic Measurements
15.  Radar Theory & Systems
16.  Communication Theory 

-Postgraduate Subjects:
1.  Computer Simulation Techniques
2.  Micro-Computers
3.  Parallel Processing (I)
4.  Aviation Computation & Computers
5.  Data Mining
6.  Pattern Recognition & Machine Analysis
7.  Avionics Navigation  System (I)

e) Management:
1-  Head of the Planning Office of the Educational Affairs at M.T.C. (July 1996 –  March 1999).

2-  Chairman of Avionics Department, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt (March 1999 – July 2000).

3-  Chairman of Aviation & Aerospace Branch, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt (July 2000– January 2001).

4-  Head of Postgraduate Affairs, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt (January 2001 – January 2003).

5-  Chairman of Electrical Engineering and computer Engineering Branch [includes 12 Departments which are the major specializations for EECE], Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt (January, 2003 – July 2003).

6-  Head of Educational & Research Department [includes; Educational Affairs, Postgraduate Affairs & Research Affairs], Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt (July 2003 – December 2003).

7-  Commandant Assistance for Education Affairs, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt (December 2003 – Jan 2005).

8- Head of Information Science Department, Faculty of Computer Science & Information System, MTI-University, Cairo (2005 – Till Now)

Research Areas:
-  Digital Signal Processing Techniques.
-  Parallel Signal Processing.
-  Pattern Recognition.
-  Image Processing & Artificial Neural Networks. 
-  Remote Sensing (SAR & ISAR). 
-  Radar Theory and Systems.  
-  Electronics and Electronic Devices.

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