MTI University : Amira Fathey Helmey (طباعة)
Amira Fathey Helmey
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Full Name: Amira Fathey Helmey Akeel
Date of birth: 8/8/1983

•  Baccalaureate degree of nursing science, 2004.
Tanta University-Faculty of Nursing

•  Post graduate diploma in hospital administration.
Tanta University- Faculty of commerce

•  Master of nursing service administration.
Tanta University-Faculty of Nursing

•  studying doctoral degree in Nursing Administration titled" Designing, Implementing and Evaluating an In-service Training Program to Develop Staff Nurses' Competencies".
Helwan University - Faculty of Nursing

Teaching experiences:
•  I worked as" Nurse Educator" for nurses working at hospitals that follow Samanoud Health Care Administration – related to Ministry of Health.

•  With coordination and collaboration with nursing education team; my work was concerned with assessment of nurses' learning needs, designing in-service training programs to fulfill their needs, and evaluating the success of the implemented program.

•  My work at MTI Faculty of Nursing as assistant lecturer of nursing administration which has started from 1/9/2014 has permitted me to teach students in "leadership and management clinical practice" courses collaborating with nursing administration team.

Teaching interests:
•  Nursing Administration.
•  Leadership and Management.
•  Human Resource Management.

Research papers:
"Study Nursing Interns Needs Through Their Practice Competency Self Evaluation". 
Submitted to the Faculty of Nursing ,Tanta University in partial fulfillment of the requirement of Master Degree.

•  The first conference of nursing administration department- Faculty of Nursing – Modern University for technology and information. 18 February 2015.

•  The first students’ forum of nursing administration department- Faculty of Nursing – Modern University for technology and information entitled “student nurse: a future leader and advocate” 22 April 2015.

•  The 5th students’ scientific conference - Faculty of Nursing – Helwan University entitled” Reshaping of misconception regarding nursing profession among students” 30th of November 2015.

•  The first Medical Surgical nursing department conference “Innovation and its influence on medical surgical nursing competencies” 2nd of December 2015. At Modern University for Technology and Information.

Additional qualifications and capabilities:
•  English language spoken and written (TOEFL).

•  Computer skills using word, excel, power point, access, and outlook express (ICDL).

•  Leadership competencies: Harvard executive management program for emerging leaders. (NTI 2010)

•  Post graduate diploma in hospital administration.
•  Master of nursing service administration.

Academic lectures:
Leadership and management clinical practice course includes:
•  Professional Clinical Practice and professionalism.
•  Management process.
•  Organization structure.
•  Planning.
•  Nursing  Leadership and job description.
•  Organizational Communication and documentation.
•  Committee.
•  Delivering Nursing Care and Staffing Scheduling.
•  Patient safety and infection control.
•  Budgeting and managing resources.
•  Performance appraisal.
•  Problem solving.
•  Hospital accreditation.

Academic workshops:
•  “Modern Simulation in Healthcare Education” workshop-Adult Health Nursing Department – Helwan University- Faculty of Nursing.
Academic and professional organizations:
•  Egyptian Nursing Syndicate. 

•  Name / Fathey Helmy Akeel 
•  Address / Egypt- Algharbia- Samanoud 3 Mohamed akel street
•  Mobile No / 01228105053