MTI University : Dr. Gehan Ahmed Ibrahim (طباعة)
Dr. Gehan Ahmed Ibrahim
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Dr. Gehan Ahmed Ibrahim
Personal Data:
Full Name: Gehan Ahmed Ibrahim 
Date of birth: 13/12/1969

- Bachelor of architectural engineering ( faculty of engineering shoubra -  zagazig university -1992 ).

- Master of architectural engineering ( faculty of engineering Ain shams university -2004 ) . Thesis entitled ( Principles and design criteria for schools of blind children).

- PHD in  philosophy in architectural engineering ( Faculty of engineering - Cairo university - 2007) . Thesis title d ( Defining the factor of safety and security inside the school of blind children).

- A part time member of the teaching committee in the faculty of engineering Al Azhr University , Architecture Department.
- A part time professor in  (future university) in Egypt ( FUE) New Cairo.
- A part time professor in  (arab academy for engineering and science) in  Sheraton. 
- A member of the teaching committee in the Cairo academy , Architecture Department.

- Laying the methodology of the architecture drawing for the first year that includes  knowing the kinds of lines , shapes , as well as primary & secondary colors , the color wheel & training in executing such projects and making models for these projects.

- Participating in the graduation projects in the department as well as participating in the committee that discuses the graduation projects in lot of universities.

- Laying the methodology of lectures of the fourth year in the topic of the theories of architecture entitled "The contemporary architecture in the nineteenth & twentieth century's " also acknowledging the architecture
 pioneers  during this period ,  their trends and their work , as well as the schools that appeared in this period.

- Teaching  the human architecture ( green architecture - sustainable architecture & integrated architecture) for third year.

- Teaching the topic of history & theories of architecture , through which the syllabus contain programming & zoning , the design process , designing of domestic building , designing of schools , designing of exhibitions , designing if multistory garage , as well as acknowledging them how to define the principles and design criteria of each.

- A thesis entitled " An introduction to the situations  between the parts in the system of architectural design ( Designing the architectural project - the surrounding environment ) the architectural magazine in Al Azhr university  Cairo November 2013

- The Role of the modern construction technology in preserving our Heritage of traditional and Historical Buildings within the frame of their Restoration and Economically investing them.

- The Effect of a philosophy for a sustainable structure design on the Architectural shaping of open internal spaces inside Entertainment commercial Centers.

- Indicators for the social sustainability of the urban Environment. Ah Analytical study for using Green Architecture in the design and coordination of open spaces.

- A research vision to get the Architectural project into New Creative, innovative and Distinguished Horizons.
Policies to cut down level of visual pollution of the surrounding Architectural Environment.

- A Research vision to get an architectural project into New Creative Innovative and Distinguished Horizons.

- An Approach to adapt the architectural project Design to its surrounding Architectural environment (i.e to adapt circumstances between parts of  Architectural product Matrix.

- A study of the effect of the dynamics of. Architectural formation on the modern trends in the Designing thought.

- The international forth conference ( Cairo 22-02 - March 2007 ) , thesis entitled " towards new architectural  dimensions to communicate between  the architectural education & the professional practice " , " A computer software that may be used in evaluation of the factor of safety and security inside schools of blind children" .

Academic Lectures:
1- Theories of architecture.
2- Human architecture.
3- Sustainable architecture.
4- History and theory.
5- Design.

Academic Workshops:
- A partner in Mass Model Center Company , designing an architectural models for a number of engineering projects inside & outside  Egypt , as well as participating in some contests and executing the working drawings for some of the touristic villages in the northern coast.

- Working in Saoud consult misr company , the working drawing and interior design in the king Abd El Aziz University in Riyadh in Arab Kingdom Of Saudi.

- Working in E-haf  company (Dr. Hussein Abass & Dr. Ezz El Dean Fahmy) , the working drawing of underground metro ( Giza Station).