MTI University : Dr. Khaled Mohamad Kamal Ibrahim (طباعة)
Dr. Khaled Mohamad Kamal Ibrahim
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Personal Data:
Full Name : Khaled Mohamad Kamal Ibrahim
E-Mail : Khmki1@Yahoo.Com
Date Of Birth : 2/5/1961

1) B.Sc. From (Mechanical Design And Production) Dept., Cairo University, 1984.

2) Diploma of Law & Police Subjects From The Egyptian Police Academy, 1985.
3) Computer Sciences Certificate, From The A.U.C, ( 14  Computer Courses ),1995.

4) Computer Courses, In The Institute Of Ministry Of Interior, (1995-2001 ).

5) M.Sc. From The Mechanical Power Engineering Department, Cairo University,1996.
Title: “Augmentation Of Heat Transfer Coefficient In A Pipe Flow Using Rings In The Flow Passage”.

6) Ph. D. From The Mechanical Power Engineering Dept., Zagazig University,  2003.
Title: “Effect of Free Stream Turbulence over Riblet Surfaces”.

7) Training Programs Of Advanced Teaching Methods In Cairo University (2013).
“Effect Of Free Stream Turbulence Over Riblet Surfaces”.

Fellowship and Awards:
Honoring By The Minister Of Interior In The Festival Of Sciences, 2005

Teaching Experiences:
- Mechanical Power Sciences In “ Alexandria   Institute“ (2007 - 2014).
- Mechanical Power Sciences In “Akhbarelyom  Academy“ (2003 - 2006).
- Technical And Law Branches ”Ministry  Of Interior" (2003 -  2008).
- Engineering Sciences In “October 6  University. (2008 - 2015)
- Engineering  Sciences In “ Thebes Academy” (2003 - 2010).
- Computer  Training & Lab. Supervisor In Ministry Of Interior (1995 – 2003).

Teaching  Interests:
1) Machine Components Design.
2) Cutting Process .
3) Engineering Drawing And Descriptive Geometry.
4) Production Technology.
5) Theory Of Machines.
6) Fluid Mechanics.
7) Heat Transfer.
8) Thermodynamics.
9) Internal Combustion Engine.
10) Air Conditioning.
11) Numerical Methods.
12) Computer Programming (C++).
13) Programmable Logical Controller.

Graduation Projects Supervision :
1) Designing And Implementing An Energy Management System, For A Hvac System (Awarded From  Ashrea Organization (The First Winner).
2) Designing And Implementing A Color Mixing Machine.
3) Designing And Implementing An Automated Inventory System.
4) Designing And Implementing A Controlled Solar Heater.
5) Designing And Implementing A Cnc Turning Machine.
6) Designing And Implementing A Battery Filling Conveyor.
7) Designing And Implementing A  Sealing Conveyor For Food Cans.
8) Designing And Implementing A  R.O Water Desalination System.
9) Designing And Implementing A Controllable Heat Exchanger.

1) Experimental And Numerical Investigation Of The Influence Of Free-Stream Turbulence   On Turbulent  Boundary Layer Drag Reduction Over Plates With Stream-Wise Micro- Grooves,   Tenth International Conference On Aerospace Sciences And Aviation Technology, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt, 13-15  May., 2003.  

2) Modeling Of Two Phase Flow Under  Zero Gravity, Journal Of Al Azhar University,Vol. No.16, July 2010,  893 - 900.

3) Mixed Effect Of Surface Tension And Low Gravity Conditions On  Gas-Liquid  Flow, Engineering Research Journal, Helwan University, 127 [September  2010] M1-M13. 

4) Experimental And Numerical  Investigation Of Optimal Tuning Parameters Of Temperature And Humidity Control, Engineering Research Journal, Helwan.University.131 [September,2011] M33-M47
5) Comparison Of Fuzzy And (Pid) Techniques In Controlling A Hvac System. Journal Of American Science 2011; No 6182, 7(12):475-482](Issn: 1545-1003).

6) Heat Transfer And Pressure Drop Investigation For  A Bank Of Inclined Flat Tubes, J Am Sci 2012;8(8):351-356]. (Issn: 1545-1003)

7) Three Dimensional Model Of An Inclined Flat Tube  Heat Exchanger, Journal Of Al Azhar University, Vol.8, No.27, April,2013. 

8) M. M. El-Fawal, A. A. Gadalla  And  K. M. Pasha, Feasibility Of Nuclear Desalination For Egypt, Economic Incentives And Future Prospects, Arab Journal Of Nuclear Sciences And Applications, Received At15/5/2014

9) M. M. El-Fawal, A. A. Gadalla  And  K. M. Pasha, Modelling Of Radon Control And Air Cleaning Requirements In Underground Uranium Mines, Jntas, Received At 25/8/2014

10) M. M. El-Fawal  And  K. M. Pasha, Modified Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Control For A Hvac System. Mataria Engineering Research Journal. Received At 8 / 2014, Publication In 12/2014, Vol.144  

11) M. F. Abdrabo, And  K. M. Pasha, Investigation Of A Controllable Heat Exchanger With Movable Flat Tubes, Mataria Engineering Research Journal. Received At 8 / 2014, Publication In 12/2014, Vol. 144

12) Controlling  The Heat Transfer By Controlling The Composition Of A Cooling Nano-Fluid, Ijeas Volume 2 Issue 12 (December 2015)

13) K. M. Pasha, Controlling  The Thermal Behavior Of A Movable Flat Tube Bank, (Is Being Published)

Tenth International Conference On Aerospace Sciences And Aviation Technology, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt, 13-15  May., 2003

Academic And  Professional Organizations:
- Alexandria Higher Institute (2007 - 2014).
- Akhbarelyom Academy (2003 - 2006).
- October 6  University (2008 - 2015).
- Thebes Academy (2003 - 2010).
- 10th of Ramadan Higher Institute (2014).
- Ministry Of Interior (1985 - 2008).

Society Serving:
1)  Participating in inspection committees for environmental affairs
2)  Preparing and teaching computer courses for the officers in ministry of interior

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Zaky Badr, Minister Of Local Development
Prof. Dr. Mahmoud A. Fouad, Mechanical Power  Department, Cairo University, Egypt.
Prof. Dr. M.F.Abdraboh, Mechanical Power Department, Zagazig University, Egypt.

Diploma Of Computer Sciences
Diploma Of Law And Police Sciences