MTI University : Ahmed El-Sayed Desouky (طباعة)
Ahmed El-Sayed Desouky
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Personal Data:
Full Name: Ahmed El-Sayed Desouky Mohammed
Date of birth: Feb. 10, 1982.

Master of Science in Mechanical Power Engineering, January, 2015
Faculty of Engineering.
Helwan University.

B.Sc. of Mechanical Power Engineering, 2009, 
Faculty of Engineering.
Helwan University.

• Teaching to Undergraduate students:
1. fluid mechanics
2. thermodynamics 
3. hydraulic machines 
4. Refrigeration and Air conditioning 
5. manual part programing in CNC Machine 

• Teach students performing experiments in mechanical Laboratories :
1. Fluid mechanics   lab
2. Thermodynamics  lab
3. hydraulic system   lab
4. Refrigeration system lab
5. Internal Combustion Engine lab
6. CNC Machines lab

• Able to work with a team as well as independently.
• Willing to learn and expend new skills.
• Loyal determine and hard worker.
• Highly enhanced communication skills.
• Able to work under stress.
• Good analytical & troubleshooting skill.
• Dealing with others in effective manners.
• Adapts well to changes in the work environment.