MTI University : Ayman Abdallah Ahmed (طباعة)
Ayman Abdallah Ahmed
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Personal Data:
Full Name: Ayman Abdallah Ahmed Abd El-Maksoud
Date of birth: 2/10/1983

Ph.D. phase in Faculty of science, Al – Azahr University.
M. Sc. in Faculty of science, Chemistry Department Benha University - 2012.
B.Sc. Al – Azahr University, faculty of science, 2005.
M. Sc. Thesis: "Chemical Studies on The Aquatic Environment of Wadi EL-Lakes".

Analytical studies on the removal of some d-block elements by cation exchange resin.

• Assistant lecturer at Modern University for Technology and Information since 2006 tell now.

• Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry

1. Physico-chemical characteristics and heavy metal contents in water of Wadi El-Rayan Lakes, western desert, Egypt, J. Aquat. Biol. & Fish., 2011, 15(2):225-240.

2. Adsorption Characteristics of Co(II) Onto Ion Exchange Resins 1500H, 1300H and IRC 86: Isotherms and Kinetics, International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), 2015, 8(4):871-875. 

3. Evaluation of Amberjet 1500H, Amberjet 1300H and Amberlite IRC 86 Ion-Exchange Resins for the Removal of Toxic Nickel Ions from Aqueous Solution, International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), 2015, 10(4):1531-1535.

4. Copper(II) Removal using Three Cation Exchange Resins: Ion Exchange Equilibrium and Kinetics, Middle East Journal of Applied Sciences, 2015, 5 (4):1017-1027.

5. The Study of Various Parameters Affecting the Ion Exchange of Fe(III) Ions from Aqueous Solution on Commercial Cation Ion Exchange Resins, International Journal of Environment, 2015, 4(4):278-288.

6.  Uptake of divalent manganese from aqueous solution using cation exchange resins, Journal of Advances in Chemistry, 2016, 12(4): 4312-4323.

1. Prof. Dr. Salah Abbas Hamed (Dean of Faculty of Engineering,, Tel: 01222116730.

2. Prof. Dr. Samy M. Khaial (professor – MTI Univ. – Fac. Engineering,, Tel: 0101497162.

3. Prof. Dr. Abdelsamih Swelam (professor – Al Azahr Univ. – Fac. Science,, Tel: 01000135497.

- a license's degree in reading and al iqra of the holy quran Hafs from Asim of Shatebeya