MTI University : Eman Salah Abass Gad (طباعة)
Eman Salah Abass Gad
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Personal Data:
Full Name:  Eman Salah Abass Gad
Date of birth:11th of September 1983

Zagazig University, Banha Branch, Shoubra, Cairo. Major in Electrical Engineering, June 2005. 
BSC in Electrical Engineering specializing in Communications and Electronics engineering,
Graduation project: Implementation of IS-95 CDMA reverse traffic channel using VHDL language based on FPGA technology.
Project Grade: EXCLLENT.

• Ain Shams University, Cairo. Master of Science in Communication Engineering, December 2011 
Thesis title: “Design and Analysis of space time coding over multiple Input multiple output system”
Advisors: Prof. Dr. Hadia M. El Henawy. Associate Prof.Dr Hesham M. El badawy.

• Ain Shams University, Cairo.  PHD in Communication Engineering, in progress
Thesis title: “ Design and Analysis of advanced MIMO techniques for the next generating wireless communication Systems”
Advisors: Prof.Dr. Hadia M.El-Henawy,Dr. Joseph Victor Halim

Communication courses
• Communication System I (signals and systems and Analog communications)
• Communication System II (Information theory)
• Digital communications
• Satellite communications
• Mobile Phone Systems
Other courses
• Electrical Circiuts
• Electrical Engineering Testing
• Digital System I and Logic circuits
• Instrumentations
• Electronic Engineering Testing.
• Electronic Instruments and Sensors
• Engineering Applications
• Logic circuits
• Computer
• Mathematics 

Graduation projects:
Supervisor of the following graduation projects
1. Implementation of CDMA 2000 Traffic channel based on FPGA technology, Mansoura University, 2006.
2. WiMAX network planning investigation and analysis, the 10th of Ramadan Engineering Institute, 2007.
3. WiMAX Physical Layer simulation, Shrouk Academy, 2008.
4. Design of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) Communication system. MTI university 2010
5. Design and implementation of a TDM wireless Tx/Rx for rocket positioning system ,MTI university,2011
6. Multiplexing in Digital Communication Systems, MTI university, 2011.
7. Implementing Digital Frequency Meter, , MTI university,2011.
8. LTE network planning using OPNET ,MTI University,2012
9. WiMAX PHY  layer simulation and mathematical analysis ,Institute of Aviation Engineering and technology, 2012.
10. OPNET Analysis of VoIP over MPLS VPN with IP QoS , MTI university, 2012.
11. Designing a smart Security Alarm System, MTI University, 2012.
12. Establishment of wireless mesh network, MTI University, 2012.
13. Implementation of Underwater Optical Wireless communication link, MTI University, 2013.
14. Designing a 3D STC system over MIMO-OFDM Channel using MATLAB programming , Institute of Aviation Engineering and Technology, 2013.

1. Mobile communications GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS , CDMA and LTE.
3. Radio Transmission and wireless communications.
4. Radio planning and Mobile network design.
5. Satellite communication and multiple accessing techniques.
6. Information theory.
7. Digital communication
8. Pattern recognition and neural networks.
9. Signals and systems, and analog communications.
10. Data communications and networking.

• Eman S. Abass , Hesham El-Badawy, and Hadya M. El-Hennawy, "On the design of Quasi-orthogonal space-time-frequency block code over MIMO-OFDM channel ", 7th International Conference on Wireless Communication, Networking and Mobile Computing, (WICOMC2011), Sep 23-25, 2011 - Wuhan, China, IEEE Catalog Number:CFP11WNM-CDR, ISBN:978-1-4244-6251-3

Prof.Dr. Hadya M. El Hennawy
Professor at faculty of engineering-Ain Shams University

Associate Prof.Dr Hesham M. El badawy
Head of network planning Departement ,NTI- Ministry of communications
Prof .Dr Dyaa El Rays
Head of electronic and communications department-MTI University.

• Operating systems
DOS \MS win Xp\vista\win 7
MS Office XP, 2003,2007.2010

• Simulations
Pspise A/D

• Hardware
Design and implementation of analog and digital circuit.
Supervision of more than 300 hardware projects and Premium projects.

• Other skills
Documentation , scientific researches and reports both in Arabic and English.
Internet Excellent Skills.