MTI University : Marwa Ahmed Mostfa (طباعة)
Marwa Ahmed Mostfa
آخر تحديث: الثلاثاء 22/03/2016 12:29 م
Personal Data:
Full Name: marwa ahmed mostfa
Date of birth: 20/8/1991

Graduated from faculty of fine arts architecture department class of 2013
Grade : very good
Graduation Project Grade : very good

Register masters at faculty of fine arts in september 2013
Passed pre master with grade: very good
Register my thesis point in november 2014 which about:
(sustainable development for Urban communities by using Modern agricultural technology )

• Fundamental design 
• Design I
• Design II
• Design III
• Gradution project II
• Computer application I
• Theory of architecture I
• Theory of architecture II
• History II
• Interior design 
• Town planning I
• Town planning II
• Urban renewable
• Rural 
• Drawing I

• I look forward to everything new in my field like computer application (autocad  , revite , 3dmax , photoshop , ecotect , design builder , lumion ) , architecture books and architecture web sites .
• I am interested in manual presentation, recycling materials and hand crafts

• I has attended (urban complexity of heritage areas)
In Feb., 2015 at MSA university , 6th of October campus by Dr. Rasem Badran.

Prof. adel yassen 
Prof. tamer akmal
Prof. amal abdo
Prof. mahmoud taelab
Prof. kamal reyad
Dr. zeainb faisl
Dr. tamer abd el azez
Dr. sheren el gammaz
Dr. aymn abd el hammed
Dr. eman salah