MTI University : Nada Hussein Ezzelarab (طباعة)
Nada Hussein Ezzelarab
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Personal Data:
Full Name: Nada Hussein Ezzelarab Hussein
Date of birth: 19/1/1990 / Cairo-Egypt

• Primary School: Mostafa Kamel School, Cairo,Egypt.
• Prep-Scholl: Safia Zaghlol School, Cairo,Egypt.
• Secondary School: Elhoria School, Cairo,Egypt.
• University: Ain Shams University, Women's College for Arts, Science and Education, Department of Physics and Computer Sciences.
• Last Academic Degree: Bachelor of Physics and Computer Sciences, 2012.
• Pre Master degree with Excellent grade 2013.
• Recent academic study: Master student at the Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University in nuclear and high energy physics.

Work Experience:
• Researcher assistant at the Egyptian Center of Theoretical Physics (ECTP) at Modern University for Technology and Information (MTI University), Cairo, Egypt.
• Teaching Assistant at Department of Basic Sciences at MTI University, Cairo, Egypt.

1- Physics
2- Computer programming

Latest Courses & Conference attended:
• Course on the Standard Model of particle physics at Center of Theoretical Physics at Zewail city for Science and technology, summer 2012
• Seminar on “Discovery of Higgs Bosons, CERN and Results of LHC” at AUC- SPS (Society of Physics Students), summer 2012
• German-Egyptian School of particle physics at center of Theoretical Physics at Zewail city for Science and technology, spring 2013.
• Summer School at high energy physics in Switzerland, Geneva, CERN, As a Student 2014.
• International Scientific Spring Conference organized by The National Center for Physics (NCP), Islamabad, Pakistan and The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, Italy, at (NCP), Islamabad, Pakistan, as a Foreigner Speaker, 2015.
• Helmholtz International Summer School "Dense Matter" in Dubna organized by Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoritical Plysics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Dubna, Russia, as a Poster Preseanter, 2015.

Other Courses:
•General physics, National Research Center, Cairo
•Nuclear physics, Nuclear Materials Authority, Cairo
•Solid State Physics, Atomic energy Authority, Cairo

Computer Skills:
•Operating System: Windows and Linux.
•Programming Languages: Fortran, C, visual basic, C++, and java.
•Packeges: Matlab, Maltisim and Mathematica.
•Word Processing: MS-Word and Latex.
•Database: Access, SQUL language.
•Analysis: Gnu plot, ROOT, Pythia.

1. “Equation of state in Non-Zero Magnetic Field” IOPscience. Journal of Physics, Conference Series, the International Advisory Board for "Strangeness in Quark Matter", The Conference Proceedings of SQM 2015 in Dubna.
2. “Mass Fractions in stellar interior during presupernova evolution”, The international journal of Astrophysics and Space Science.

1. Nuclear level densities, partition functions and abundances in stellar interior.
2. Review on Higher-Order Moments in High-Energy Collisions.
3. Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker Cosmology in Horava-Lifshitz Gravity, Various Equations of State.
4. Non extensive thermodynamics for hadronic matter.
5. On self-consistency of generic axiomatic-nonextensive thermodynamics.

Arabic: Mother tongue.
English Conversation Diploma at CTC Academy.