MTI University : Hesham Said Fathy Omar (طباعة)
Hesham Said Fathy Omar
آخر تحديث: الأربعاء 30/03/2016 01:28 م
Personal Data:
Full Name: Hesham Said Fathy Omar
Date of birth: 10/4/1987

-Bachelor degree in mass media communication, Radio and T.V Department (very good). October 6 University
-Master`s Degree in Mass Media, Radio and T.V department, Cairo University

"The impact of the use of social networking technology over the Internet On the social relations of the Egyptian family"

Assistant Teacher in Mass Media Communication College

Fall 2015:
- Specialized Research.
- Educational and Cultural Programs.
- Persuasive communication.
- Media Documentation.

Spring 2016:
- Educational and Cultural Programs.
- Electronic Journalism.
- Photojournalism.
- Uses of Internet in mass media.

- Journalist in Albawbah Journal
- Manager at radio Albwabah Online
- Narrator in "The Closed Doors" Program
- News Reporter in Mehwar satellite channel.