MTI University : Reem Samy El-Sherif (طباعة)
Reem Samy El-Sherif
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Personal Data:

Full Name: Reem Samy El-Sherif


1-  M.A in Mass Communication “ Addressing the Iranian issues in the Satellite TV channels directed in Arabic, in relationwith Iran’s image to the Arab audience” (2013) –Cairo University \ faculty of Mass Communication.

2- Pre Master in Mass Communication (2010) Cairo University\ faculty of  Mass Communication


3- Bachelor in  Mass Communication –English section (2009)- Faculty of Mass Communication   –Cairo  university 

·  Major : Radio & TV

· Overall Grade: Excellent with honor.




1-  Assistant Lecturer  -Faculty of Mass Communication-  Radio and TV department – Modern  university for Technology & Information (Feb 2013- Present )

2- Teaching Assistant- Faculty of Mass Communication-  Radio and TV department – Modern  university for Technology & Information (Sep 2009- Feb 2013)


Academic Lectures:

1- Mass Communication theories

2-News and News Programs

3-  Directing for Radio and TV

4-  Introduction to research methods

5-  Media   Literacy

6-  Media Translation

7-  Media Studies in English Language 

8- Documentary films

9-  TV Shooting

10- Photo Journalism


Academic Workshops:

1-  Basics of Photography, CPC, Feb 2016

2-  Youth for Change work shop, Arab Women Media Center, June 2011.

3-  Principles of marketing lectures and workshops, Youth Leadership Initiative, autumn 2010.