MTI University : Dr. Mohamed Soheil Ahmed (طباعة)
Dr. Mohamed Soheil Ahmed
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Personal Data

Full name : Mohamed  Soheil  Ahmed

E-mail :

Date of Birth :11/09/1967


Ph.D. in Economics - April, 2004

Ain Shams University Faculty of Commerce, Cairo, Egypt

Master of Arts in Economics - December, 1994

Ain Shams University Faculty of Commerce , Cairo, Egypt

Bachelor of Accounting - June, 1988 

Ain Shams University Faculty of Commerce , Cairo, Egypt                                           


Master : The Role of specialized  mortgage banks in solving housing problem in the Egyptian economy

Phd : The Effectiveness of Brokerage Companies in stocks  and securities in Egyptian Capital Market.

Teaching experience:

• Modern University - MTI (2007 - Now)

Economics Teacher

• Future Academy (2005 - 2007_

Economics Teacher

Teaching Interest:

1. Economics 

2. Export and inport

3. Public finance

4. Egyptian economics


1. Micro Economics.

2. Macro Economics

3. Economics Feasibility Studies.

4. Managerial economics.


Al Ahram Economics magazen "Banks profit" - 17/4/2006

Researchs Papers:

1. Fayoum university Conference  2008

“A national financing project to develop the north coast of Egypt”

2. Fayoum university Conference  2009

“A future study to control the hotel room prices “

3. Fayoum university periodical   2009

“Feasibility study about the transfer of a tourist sight to a hotel (the economical view)”

4. The journal of association of Arab Universities 2010

“A study for the establishment of a free zone between Arabs countries “

5. The 3 rd  IRT international scientific Conference- Helwan University 2010

“Tourism development by cooperation between tourist firms and banks.” 

6. The journal of association of Arab Universities 2011

The economic effects in case of stopping alcoholic in hotels

7. Fayoum university periodical   2011

Tourism marketing by using Fixed tourism through the internet. 

8. The tourism periodical 2012

A Study of innovative  methods for marketing the hotel rooms in Egypt. 

9. The journal of association of Arab Universities, 2012

Documentation of the Egyptian Monuments electronically in respect of the important    sights.

10. Tourism Periodical, 2012

A Study on the development of Hotel Reservation System.

11. Fayoum university periodical   2014

A future study to improve the reservation method in hotels room “

12. The journal of association of Arab Universities   2016

A study on the effect of hotel profits on the Egyptian tourism income.

13. The Possibility of the cancellation of bank interest with respect to the system of the stock of exchange according to Islamic Regulations.(Not published)


1. Fayoum university Conference  2008

2. Fayoum university Conference  2009

3. Helwan University The 3 rd  IRT international scientific Conference 2010

Academic Lectures:

- Micro Economics.

- Macro Economics

-Money & Banking.

- International Trade.

- Economics Feasibility Studies.

- Managerial economics.

Academic Workshops:

workshop with Wels University in July, 2011

Academic and Professional Originations:

Member in Economic and law organization .


• Prof. Dr.Ahmed Darwish

• Prof. Dr.Ossama Hosny 

Additional Qualifications and capabilities:

• Modern Techniques of  Bank Credit Analysis & Management. (May, 2005)         

The Arab Academy For Banking and Financial Science with American Bankers Association.(500 Hrs.)

• Professional Diploma in Credit Management. (May, 1995)          

Cairo University  (120 Hrs.)

• Computer skills: Windows, Word, and Excel.


• New York University  -Introduction to the market (Securities markets Stocks, bonds,)                September 2000

• Egyptian Central Bank (Feasibility studies in the Egyptian market) December 199

• Prepare Economics studies for several consultant offices.

• Prepare Feasibility studies for several consultant offices.

• Prepare Economics analysis of the Egyptian market.

• Provide Financial Consultation at the Egyptian stock market.

• Courses on Economics Feasibility Studies for several organizations.

• Certified Lender Business Banking.