MTI University : Dr. Nihad Mohamed Edres (طباعة)
Dr. Nihad Mohamed Edres
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Personal Data:
Full Name: Nihad Mohamed Edres

• PHD in Economics Faculty of Commerce, Suez Canal University, Suez”2013”: Entitled “The Effectiveness of monetary policy in Stagflation targeting in Egypt Analytical study".

• Master Degree in Economics (Sadat Academy for Management Sciences) “2006”: Entitled" The Effect of Foreign Exchange Changes on Foreign Direct Investment in Egypt For the period (1991-2003”.

• Bachelor's Degree of Economics & Political Sciences, Cairo University, Major Department (Economics), minor Department (Political Sciences), 1997.

Some of upgrade researches in economics.

Very good grade in  Bachelor's Degree of Economics & Political Sciences.

• Assistant Lecturer - Economics Department – Modern Academy in Maadi (2000- 2010).
• A Lecturer- Economics Department - Faculty of Management - MTI University (2010 till now).

• Principles of economics.
• Money & Banking.
• International Trade.
• Economic resources.
• Managerial Economics.
• Egyptian Economy.
• Public Finance.
• Micro Economics.
• Macro economics.

• The rule of New Suez Canal projects in facing Dutch disease in the Egyptian economy ,(economics & management magazine ,Ein shams University), "2015"

• The Features of stagflation in Egyptian Economy (Arab Management Association) “2013”

• The relation between exchange rate & foreign direct investment in Egypt.
• The relation between monetary policy & stagflation in the Egyptian economy during the period "1991-2010".

• “The Effect of Economic Reform on Unemployment in Jordan”.1997

• Alfred Marshall. Principles of Economics, The Online Library of Liberty,Uk , 2011.

• Daniel Levy. Investment, Saving, Government & Capital Mobility, ,U.S.A, , Department Of Economics Atlanta University , 1999.

• Eiji Ogawa. Exchange Rate Pass Through Into Domestic Inflation In Asian Economies, Economics School Of Fudan University, China, March 2002.

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• Daniel Tencer, Canada Has Dutch Disease, Bank Of America Declares, The Huffington Post Canada,2014

Academic Lectures:
• Economics subjects.

Academic Workshops:
• All workshops in management faculty "MTI University"

• Principles of economics.
• Money & Banking.
• International Trade.
• Economic resources.
• Managerial Economics.
• Import Export procedures.