MTI University : Dr. Khaled Fathy Gaber (طباعة)
Dr. Khaled Fathy Gaber
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Personal Data:
Full Name: Khaled Fathy Gaber Mostafa
Date of birth: 23rd May 1962

• Associate Professor of Accounting 2014
• Phd Accounting – Sadat Academy 2004
• Master In Accounting – sadaat Academy 2000
• High Diploma in Management Science- sadaat Academy 1995
• BSC Commerce In Accounting – Faculty of Commerce – Cairo University 1983.

• Principles of Financial Accounting.
• Company Accounting.
• Intermediate Accounting.
• Advanced Accounting.
• Cost Accounting.
• Auditing.
• Economic Feasibility Studies
• Managerial Accounting

• Measurement of Financial Performance on environmental behavior ( Case Study) Accounting thoughts Magazine – faculty of Commerce – Ein Shams University – second edition – Dec. 2009

• Role of Governance Information Technology in enhancing efficiency and Assessment the strategic performance of a company – field research – Accounting thoughts Magazine – faculty of commerce – first edition 2010 

• A suggested Accounting Model to measure clients profitability to maximize Their values – scientific Journal for research and commercial studies – Faculty of commerce, Helwan University – second volume 2011

• Framework is A suggested to measure Accounting Conversatism for mutualfunds ( Applied study on the Egyptian Market Exchange).

• Accounting thoughts magazine – faculty of commerce – Ein shams university 2012

• Integration between targeted costs balanced score cards and to improve Egyptian hospitals the performance field study – Scientific Journal for Economics and commerce – Faculty of commerce – Ein Shams University ,2013

• Accounting Determinates of the effectiveness of merging and acquisitions operation, applied study on registered companies in the Egyptian Market Exchange, the Egyptian Accounting Magazine, Faculty of commerce – Cairo University. 5th edition 2013

• using of Mark – to market Accounting as a base to fair the equivalent value: Applied study on realestate stocks in the Egyptian Market Exchange, the scientific Magazine for Economic and commerce – faculty of commerce – Ein Shams University 3rd edition, 2014 

• Accounting and Modern Economic changes – problems and solutions- International Group for Conferences. May 2009

• Financial Accounting Profession, Financial crises and local & International Changes- shadows and visions- Syndicate of commerce – Professionals in accounting and Auditing Experts – 2010

• Modern Trends in Accounting and Taxation thinking on line with problems and complications in Practice. International Group for conferences 2010

• Arab Accounting and Auditing Accountants union.
• Accountants and Auditors of the Egyptian association.
• Cost and Managerial Accounting Association.
• Egyptian Taxation association.
• Arab Management association.
• Legal Accountant , License 12087

Prof.Dr/ Olfat Ali Kamel. President of MTI university

• Consultant to Rajack Group for implementing Accounting Systems designe.
• Consultant to Many sound institutions in Egypt and in the Arab region.
• Training consultant to many institutions.
• Feasibility studies expert.
• Consultant of Financial Systems design.
• Consultant and expert for costing systems design.