MTI University : Walaa Mosaad Ismael Abdelkader (طباعة)
Walaa Mosaad Ismael Abdelkader
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Personal Data:
Name:  Walaa Mosaad Ismael Abdelkader
Date of birth: 20-Novmber -1983

Job title:
Assistant lecturer – public relations, Marketing & advertising  department -Mass communication faculty -(modern information Technology University) started  from  (September 2006….  until now  .

1. Bachelor of arts in mass communication - arts faculty - public relations and advertising department - Helwaan University - (Sept 2000 -may 2004)
Grad: very good (honor) - the first rank.

2. Preliminary   studies   master (program) -Cairo University (JULY 2005).

3. The   Master   degree  about (the virtual society& Identity ) in the field of the new media –Cairo University (septamper2011).
The degree of master  :Excellent with the recommendation of exchanging and printing 

4. Registered for PHD degree in new media under the title of “the ideological construction of the Egyptian public - a comparative study between the virtual & real community" -mass communication faculty -  Cairo University (July 2012)

Teaching In English department from 2006 until now the following corses:
• Mass communication methods
• Specialized research
• Integrated market communication
• Social marketing
• Mass communication theories
• Creative thinking
• Communication &Presentation skills
• Persuasion
• Direct &electronic marketing
• Radio and TV advertising- 
• Newspaper advertising
• Applied advertising
• Uses internet in mass communication
• Uses computer in PR- Communication technology
• Practical public relations
• Special topic in PR
• Crisis management 
• Media crisis-Management 
• Communication planning  
• Mass communication Translation

Major: social network –social media
Minor: marketing

gradiation projects:
As a student: 
1- Made integrated marketing campaign about the handmade industry in Egypt (2004)- get a first rank .

2- Made a social research  project  to know the degree of acceptance on the  political reforming law in Egypt 2005 

As a supervisor:
1. Made social marketing campaign (against sexual harassment (قبل ما تأذيها ...شوف اختك فيها )…2007- get a second  rank .

2. Made social marketing campaign to reform the social image about the Psychiatric Patients …2007- get a first rank.
3. Made integrated marketing campaign about (S.M.S chocolate)..2010-get a first rank.

4. Made integrated marketing campaign about(Disneyland in Egypt -2011 - get a first rank .

5. made integrated marketing campaign about( the students union in M TI university –get a second rank

6. social campaign against violence -2012

7. social responsibility campaign about (how Etisalat solve some problems in Egyptian society –which called (Etisalat to gather )-2014 .

Articles, RESEARCH PAPERS and conference :
• Presented and published paper in CAMMRO’s 4th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE NEW MEDIA AND SOCIAL CHANGE IN THE ARAB & MUSLIM WORLD16th June 2008- Venue: King’s College, The Strand Campus,-University of London WC2R 2LS, UK
Paper about (Can virtual homes obtain Egyptian Youth new communication habits? “Analytical and survey study on Face book”

• The conference of digital culture – paper about "the virtual identity on the internet" – Alexandria- 4-December -2011

• Ahram Canadian university (A.C.U)  Conference – paper about: the relation between the involvement in virtual society  and the  Egyptian revolution. (From 19 to 21 March 2012 ). 

• Egyptian  Writers Conference 2013  - Research entitled "Cultural mobility and online identity crisis".

• Alexandria Media Forum (from 14 to 16 may 2013) as a trainer- Research entitled "women’s' image in media". 

• Forum and the Ministry of Culture under the title of the rules of professional media - a research paper titled "Challenges in the traditional media professional under the age of social networking - Alexandria (10-10-2013).

Academic Workshops:
• Workshop about "the team work culture": (AUC 2003).
• Newspaper layout and design :( AUC 2004).
• Presentation skills Workshop :( AUC 2006).
• Workshop about "Mass communication translation skills "(AUC 2008).
• Graphic diploma from Russian Cultural Centre (2008) 
• Chantey town  development program  as a part of  UNESCO activities in Egypt (2009)
• New media methods of research –Work shop in : the center of the social& Criminal  research in Egypt – October( 2010)  

Participations in the civil society activities:
1- Sonaa el haya programmes :
• Against Child labor program  
• Smoking& drugs  give up program 

2- Political campaign to create  awareness toward Presidential candidates in Egyptian election 2012 …the name of campaign is أنا الرئيس 

3- Member in the "awareness" initiative which interest by building awareness about the several  political& citizenship  issues in Egypt. 

4- Working as a volunteer for more than an Internet radio stations(Radio Sawa -Sout el sakya- Hourytna) 

• Modern information Technology University (MTI) - Mass communication faculty- Marketing & advertising department.

• Cairo University - Mass communication faculty- Marketing & advertising department.