MTI University : Dr. Jilan Hamza (طباعة)
Dr. Jilan Hamza
آخر تحديث: الأربعاء 08/06/2016 11:33 ص
Personal Data:
Full Name: Zeinab Gilane Abdelaltif Hamza
Education: Faculty Mass communication Cairo University 

French Education:
• Master Degree in the Role of Culture.
• PHD on influence of TV on the young ones & Teens.
•During this period worked in TV Culture & Documentary programs, also worked in Radio for 10 years, made more than 10 researches related to Mass Communication.
•Wrote more than 13 books/long novels in addition to short stories  and  Islamic stories. I have been writing for 20 years in (El Ahram newspaper plus 3 more Arabic newspaper in the early eighties specially the time when I was broadcasting from Paris/ Radio Monte Carlo ( El Mostakbal, Okaz, El Sayad).

Teaching Experience:
Academic teaching for 20 years/ approximately:
• 8 Years in Egypt & Science Technology.
• 9 Years in Modern University
• 3 Month in Colombia University
• Almost 2 years in MIU
• 10 Lectures in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ( Ossama El Baz/ Fine Arts)

Teaching Interests:
Mass Communication with all its topic:
• Arts & Critics
• Theater                                 
• Philosophy
• The Holy Quran & Islamic Fiqh

Publication & Articles:
• 6 Academic books (Mass Communication) in English
• 2 French Books
• 15 Long Fiction Novels
• Series of short stories
• Islamic Short Stories
• Series of society critics books (Clouds on the Arabic Brain) 
• Editor in Chief: ( Tafaneen/Young Businessman /Al Moltaka ) 
• Editor in Chief Journal of Human rights
• Editor in Chief: Modern Talk
• Been writing in Al Ahram Newspaper 20 years ago, mostly about the education in Egypt, also writing in Al Akhbar but over a spaced time.

Research Papers:
• Worksheet: the transitions that faces the young ones in the new millennium.
• Worksheet: Reality of the economics space in the national TV Channels and the Satellite channels.  
• Worksheet: the necessity of handling the issues of Human rights on TV
• Worksheet: The professional media & the rules and regulations.
•Research on media responsibility for distorting the language 
• Research on the reality of Media Ethics verses the application 
• Research: Role and image of the woman on the TV Ads & programs and the influence of the society on the woman.
• Research: The cultural distinction against women in Egyptian TV 2005
• Research: Field Study on the influence of channel (High Education) on the students 
• Research: The Palestinian issue and how it is projected in the Arabian summit comparison study in Oman summit 2001 & Beirut Summit 2005

• In the panel for Kadafi Conference in Lybia 
• Attended 8+ conferences in Arab League 
• Attended conferences in Dubai, Sudan, Kuwait, Libya, and Algeria while working at the Radio program “Voice of the Arabs.

Academic Translations:
• French – Protocol and its relationship with media professionals
• French - Scenes from Radio Monte Carlo
• English Literary & Artistic Criticism.
• Human Rights Convention (English & French)

 Additional Qualification and Capabilities:
• Worked in Radio Monte-Carlo for 3 years.
• Worked in Voice of America
• Worked in Iraq Radio less than a year

• Award from Moral division of the Army
• Award from Police institute
• Award from Monofiya Governorate 2004
• Award from Kafr El Sheikh 2005
• Awarded a Silver medal from Prague in 1977 – on a documentary movie called “Morning Train”  
• The first to be awarded on the youth writers in 1970 for “The Game & The Truth “it was  made series on the radio  on 1985.
• Awarded on a biography series on Zakariya Ahmed ( Howa Saheeh El Hawa Ghalab)
• Nomination of Dr. Atef El Ekraky to have a chance of the Nobel price – A whole chapter in his book ( Revolution of Arts ) on the writer Gilan Hamza 
• Awarded from the assembly of the Right to Life. Writing a book on kids with special needs and dealing with the disable kids.
• Awarded from Red Cross in contributing in campaign of Polio in the villages.
• Awarded in 2006 for creating a Library in accordance with the General Egyptian Book Organization.

Academic lectures: 
• Lecturer in the diplomatic institute- Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Fine Arts – wrote 2 books on Salah Taher
• Lecturer in Manhattan University City early 2000
• Lecturer in AUC Arabic languages in the 1990s.

Honors & Seminars:
• Awarded in the International women day 2014 for the literary works
• Awarded in Brooklyn State University in USA 1989 on “Future of the Electronic Journalism” 

Academic and cultural Committees:
• Egyptian writers union 1975
• Philosophy Association 1980
• Association of Small screen lovers 1990
• Association of Arabic Language lovers 1999
• American Association in Egypt
• French Association in Egypt
• Indian Friendship Association
• Egyptian Foreign Affairs 2000
• Member of Arab League 1990
• Member of Atelier du Caire since 20 years.
• Member in Mine Prevention Association 2009
• Member in Human Rights Association since 1986
• Chairman of the board Arabic Human Association 2002

• Farouk Abou Zeid Mass Communication Dean.
• Mofid Shehab
• Architectural Essam Safy El Deen
• Amin Basyouni 
• Hayat Abdoun