MTI University : Shahenda Samir Abd El-Latif (طباعة)
Shahenda Samir Abd El-Latif
آخر تحديث: الأحد 12/06/2016 12:05 م
Personal Data:
Full Name: Shahenda Samir Abd El-Latif Khedr
Date of birth:20/4/1982

- B.D.S : faculty of dental medicine, Misr university for science and technology (must) : 2004 
- Master degree of operative dentistry ,Cairo university , 2011
- Preparing for doctor degree at al azhar (girls branch) : not yet

Clinical performance and evaluation of Nano leakage and polymerization shrinkage of bulk-fill and incremental Nano-hybrid composites 

- 10 years in must university 
- 6 years as demonstrator from 2005-2011 , 4 years as assistant  lectures2012-2015

Cairo dental journal: vol. 27: no (1):jan.2011
Page: 109-119

Effect of non-fluoride and fluoride-containing bleaching agent on surface topography of enamel 

Academic Workshops:
- Research methods: continuous education- al-azhar : 10-12 march 2013
- Scientific day: continuous education – must univ.:11 Nov.2014 
- Evidence-based dentistry : continu.educe-must:feb.2014