MTI University : Dr.Wael Mohamed gamal (طباعة)
Dr.Wael Mohamed gamal
آخر تحديث: الأحد 24/07/2016 12:12 م
Personal Data:
Full Name: Wael Mohamed gamal 
Date of birth: 3/8/1974

Doctor degree of operative dentistry – elazhar university -2015 

Remineralization potential of hydrology opatite , sodium houride carbonapatite nanoparticles on demineralized  enamel & dentin 

Teaching Experience:
- 2006-2011 demonstrator of operative dentistry  misr university   for science technology 
- 2011-2013 assistant lecturer of operative  dentistry  in nahda  university 
- 2013-2015  asistant  lecturer  of operative  dentistry  in  modern  uni  for  technology & information 
- 2015 till present , lecturer  of  operative  dentistry  in  modern  uni  for technology & INP

- Effect of curing modialities on wear  resistance of  nanofilled resia  compsite 
- Remineralization potential of carbon apatite nanoparticle on demineralized enamel & dentin 

Prof. mona ismail riad 
Prof. randa hafez