MTI University : Instructions for the Graduation Party of “Classes of 2016” (طباعة)
Instructions for the Graduation Party of “Classes of 2016”
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On the occasion of the preparation for the graduation party of MTI, “Classes of 2016”, on Wednesday 4th, January, 2017. Students who are attending this party must read and follow these instructions; hopefully they will abide by them. The instructions are as follows: 
1) Please be informed that the University’s management instructed the party planners to facilitate matters for the graduates and their parents in order to be able to participate in the party. 

2) All graduates of “Classes of 2016” are required to attend on Monday January 2nd, 2017 at the Hotel at 2 pm sharp. They will be given the final Instructions for the party and they will take part in the final rehearsal for the students’ queue and the procedures for getting on stage to receive the certificates. The University is very keen on the party being presented in the best form for our graduates. 

3) Representatives from the Financial Department of the University will be present at the Hotel to receive fees from the graduates and parents who want to participate in the party and did not before. They will give them the party invitations and graduation robes from 2 pm until the end of the rehearsals. No more fees will be accepted after that date and graduates will not be given any more invitations.
4) Party planners from the staff members and students are responsible for organizing and leading the queue of each faculty separately.
5) Graduates must follow order and agility during the queue to keep to the specified timing. 

6) The certificates will be handed over by: 
- Professor Olfat Kamel, President of the University will hand over the certificates to the honored members of staff who obtained MA and PhD degrees. 
- Professor Olfat Kamel, President of the University will hand over the certificates to honored, first ranking students. 
- The Deans of the faculties will hand over the graduates’ certificates.
7) In the case of any mix up in the receipt of the certificates, please do not try to go back on stage and immediately go the Graduates’ Affairs Office behind stage to receive the correct certificate.
8) Our dear graduates must return to their seats immediately after leaving stage.
9) Our dear graduates must reiterate the graduation Oath in an enthusiastic, high voice.
10) At the end of the celebration, after professor’s Nabil El Deeb Vice-President of the University for Education and Students’ Affairs. bestowing the scientific degrees on to the graduates, they will throw their caps up high when they get an agreed upon signal from the D.J.  

General and Important instructions: 
1- Honored parents are expected to arrive at the Hotel starting 4 pm.
2- Please make sure that all mobile phones are kept on silent mode all through the celebration.
3- Children are not allowed to the party. This is a strict rule which will be implemented by the party planners and security staff.
4- Anyone without an invitation will not be allowed to participate in the party. 

5- To avoid any embarrassment, photographing will be prohibited by the party planners and security staff during the celebration activities. The University’s management will provide photographs for all graduates and parents for a nominal price.
6- Doors of the celebration Hall will be closed all through the celebration activities, during these activities no one will be allowed to enter or leave the Hall. In case of the need for any assistance you may ask any of the party planners in the Hall.