MTI University : "EPSF", MTI, launched a campaign to spread the awareness of Aids (HIV) disease (طباعة)
"EPSF", MTI, launched a campaign to spread the awareness of Aids (HIV) disease
آخر تحديث: الأربعاء 18/01/2017 10:02 ص

A campaign was launched by the Office of the Egyptian Pharmacy Students Federation, MTI to spread the awareness of Aids (HIV) disease, in cooperation with the UN’s Joint Project to fight Aids (HIV).


Aids (HIV) virus is considered one of the most complex viruses in the modern age. The statistics of the Egyptian Society to Fight Aids (HIV) Disease proved that the total number of Aids (HIV) males cases from February 1986 to December 2014 who are still alive is 82.2%, while the female cases are 18.8% out of the total of 6205 cases discovered among fatalities.


The three days campaign aims at reaching the largest number from the different categories of the community. The first day of the campaign was held at the faculties of Pharmacy and Engineering at the University. The second day will be held at Al Mokkatam Hospital and the third day will be held at the “Zelzal” area and Market.


The campaign was held under the slogan “Prevention is the Solution” it includes several activities among which was informing and explaining the seriousness of the disease, how it is transferred and the means of prevention. Also, the methods of dealing with patients and integrating them into the community, in addition to correcting some of the misconceptions about Aids (HIV) disease. This was done using simple means of explanation to motivate people to follow scheduled examinations and follow up of the disease.

It is worth mentioning that the Egyptian Pharmacy Students Syndicate is a nongovernmental organization without any religious or political aims, it is also an antismoking and nonprofit organization. It was established in 1982, today it is found in 31 pharmacy faculties all over Egypt, it represents more than 84.000 students and fresh graduates, and more than 4000 members in the Syndicate. It draws its legitimacy from the Egyptian Pharmacist’s Syndicate and the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Society which is a fully fledged member in the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF).