MTI University : Commencement of Military Training Sessions (طباعة)
Commencement of Military Training Sessions
آخر تحديث: الجمعة 14/04/2017 09:15 م

 Modern University for Technology and Information announces the Commencement of Military Training sessions for the students of the University.  

According to the following schedule: 

First period: from 10/6/2017 to 22/6/2017 

Second period: from 1/7/2017 to 13/7/2017 

Third Period: from 15/7/2017 to 27/7/2017 

Fourth Period: from 29/7/2017 to 10/8/2017 


All students who want to register should present a photocopy of their National ID, University ID, receipt for the payment of 200 LE for the training session and 2 personal photos (4×6) to the supervisor of military training at his Faculty. The deadline for registration is Thursday 4/5/2017.

In the case of not attending the session of training, the student will fail. In order to register for a second time he will have to pay the fees again and submit the required documents.