MTI University : The Military Education training sessions (طباعة)
The Military Education training sessions
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The Military Education training sessions held for the students of the University will start during the following durations: 



Details /Particulars

Serial No.

  Each training session is of two (2) weeks

From 26/1/2019 until 7/2/2019

The fifteenth training session


Students who are willing to register in the mentioned training should head to the Military Education Supervision of each faculty so as to present the following documents:

-       Copy of the National ID Card.

-       Copy of the University ID Card.

-       Copy of Cash Receipt of (L.E. 200) as the fees of the training (the original copy of the receipt should be kept to be submitted to the Graduates' Affairs Department upon receiving the graduation certificate).

-       2 Personal Photos (Size of 4*6).

The final date for registration will be on Tuesday, the 27th of November 2018.


-       In case of completing the registration and refraining from regular attendance, this will be considered as failure of training.

-       For registering another training session, the fees should be repaid and the aforementioned documents should be resubmitted.