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1.    M. M. El-Fawal , A. A. Gadalla, Khaled Mohamed Kamal Pasha"Modeling of Radon Control and Air Cleaning Requirements in Underground Uranium Mines, Journal of Nuclear Technology and Applied Science, JNTAS, accepted at 15/9/2014

2.    M. M. El-Fawal , A. A. Gadalla, Khaled Mohamed Kamal Pasha"Feasibility of Nuclear Desalination  for Egypt, Economic Incentives and Future Prospects, Arab Journal of Nuclear Science and Applications, 11/2014

3.    M. M. El-Fawal , A. A. Gadalla, Khaled Mohamed Kamal Pasha"Modified Type – 2 Fuzzy Logic Control for a HVAC System", Material Engineering Research Journal, vol. 144, 12/2014

4.    An Experimental Study of Hertzian contact of surfaces by soft metal films , journal of American Society of Lubrication Engineering , ASLE / ASME TRANS . 1983 – 26 (4) P.481

5.    3D Plot Mapping of Freeform using CNC-CMM: A Review, Ahmed S.M. Ibrahim, Salah H. R. Ali, Monir M.F. Koura and A.S. Al-Akkad, Journal of Applied Physical Science International, Vol.: 10, Issue.: 3, pp. 123-143, 24 July 2018.

6.    Refractive Index of Reference Material under Different Measurement Conditions, S. khodier, Salah H. R. Ali, Ihab Naeim, and Adel Shehata, International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (IJEAS), ISSN: 2394-3661, Volume-4, Issue-4, pp.39-42, April 2017.

7.    “Applicability of image processing for evaluation of surface roughness”,  International Organization of Scientific Research (IOSR) Vol. 5, Issue 5, Version 2, May2015,  pp 1-8

8.    “Comparison Between ANN, Regression and Genetic In Turning Process”, American Scientific Journal for Engineering, Technology, and Sciences (ASRJETS), Global Society of Scientific Research and Researchers,

9.    Ahmed samy El-akkad, “Optimization of Cutting  Condition Using Regression and Genetic Algorithm in End Milling” JERA, Vol 20, 2016.

10.                  Relating the Bubble Density to the Heat Transfer in Pool Boiling Processes  of Surfactant Solutions, The International Journal of Heat and Technology, Volume 37, Issue 3, pp853-862, 2019.