MTI University : Important Announcement (طباعة)
Important Announcement
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1-     The department of acceptance and registration and the financial department, from Sunday 31st of January, until Tuesday 9th of February, 2016 will start receiving students in order to pay the tuition fees for the semester "spring 2016" according to the groups for payment and deliver the payment receipt on the day specified on the modern university's website:

2-     Students must adhere to the specified dates for payment; in case of delays a financial fine will be applied according to the specified dates for delayed payments.

*Wednesday 2nd of February, 2016 for payments delay from Sunday 31th of January/2016 until Tuesday 4th of February,2016.

*Thursday 11th of February, 2016 for payment delay from Sunday 7th of January,2016.


3-     Students are obliged to keep the registration receipt, because in case of the loss of receipt a fee will be collected in return for issuing a new receipt.

4-     Egyptian male students born in 1996 and before, who didn't submit the military drafting forms (6جند/ 7جند) or their drafting statues must bring forms from their regional police station and pay 100 L.E as postponement fees in the financial department. Students will not be allowed to register their courses except after determining their military drafting statues.

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