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Dean's Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you all. Special greetings are extended to the new comers. May I take this opportunity to congratulate you for your success, and wish you all a very fruitful future. As business students, I am sure that your studies will qualify you for a very challenging career, in a very dynamic labor market. Also, the teaching techniques used in different subjects, develop your skills, enabling you to think creatively, initiatively, and deal successfully with people. You will also be a very efficient decision maker acting as an effective leader with a very impressive personality. I am sure this is the type of Managers Egypt is in need for!!!- During your study years in this faculty, I am sure you will be enjoying the hospitality, and warmth of the staff as well as your colleagues, you will also be able to build a constructive relationship with staff members, and universitys personnel. You will experience the entire facilities, proficiency of the teaching opportunities, and the utmost advanced technology. It is my advice to every student to utilize all available MTIs recourses and benefit from the friendly and supportive environment. Nevertheless, I am sure that every one of you will be thrilled with pride, recalling the very happy years of your study, and forever will keep referring to your success at MTI.

Dean of Faculty of Management

Prof. Nashaat El Wakeel

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Study Policy

Teaching policy in the Faculty of management is set within contacts of international standards of university education, where it takes into account the following variables:-

Providing business education in accordance with community needs and international developments.

Interactive teaching between staff and students.

Assessment according to the credit hours scheme.

Taking local community needs and developments into consideration.

Utilizing modern teaching technology in the class.

Encouraging teamwork among students.

Continuous improvements in the teaching process.

Giving great concern to the development of students skills and personality to prepare them as a potential managers and decision makers.

Maintaining satisfactory relationship with different stakeholders.

The proposed message was presented as follows:

The Faculty of Business Management is an educational and research institution which aims at providing distinctive scientifically, ethically, and professionally cadres through applicable academic programs.

The proposed vision was presented as follows:

The Faculty of Business Management is to become a pioneer in adopting creative education methods and scientific research in order to achieve sustainable development’s objectives in Egypt.


Prof.Khaled Fathy

Head of Accounting Department

The mission of the Department of Accounting is to:

Provide top quality accounting education programs with focus on critical thinking that attract and graduate an excellent student, who enjoy successful career.

Conduct research in accounting that help in the advancement of the profession and integrate it into our educational process.

Build relationships with the business communities.

Dear our students, may I welcome all of you to the Financial Department specialization. I am sure you will study very interesting subjects that benefit you in the future or you gain new knowledge and develop new skills. This will help you to be successful in dealing with people and this very important thing for your career.

Dr.Sohad Morad El-Masry

Head of MIS Department

The Bachelor Degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) addresses the need of industry and commerce for adaptable problem solvers with knowledge of organizations. Information technologists are hybrid managers who can combine their understanding of the business function with knowledge of the concepts and techniques associated with Information Systems. This is ideal for those students attracted to a career where they can apply an up-to-date awareness of MIS within the modern business environment. A holistic approach towards integration within the environment is adopted throughout major the degree and students will learn to work effectively as part of a team and to communicate their ideas in various ways.


The Department of Management Information Systems is committed to the following:

Providing high quality educational service for all students of the MTI University.

Fostering high quality and advanced teaching by energetic committed and knowledgeable faculty.

Creating an intellectually stimulating and challenging learning environment.

Providing flexible and dynamic curriculum that is responsible to the changing MIS workforce needs.

Supporting continual faculty growth and development.

Pursuing affair collegial decision-making model in its governance.

Fostering ethical behavioral principles.

برنامج التسويق يقدم المعارف والمهارات التسويقية المتخصصة للطلاب علي المستويين الأكاديمي والتطبيقي لخلق كوادر مؤهلة ومحترفة من المسوقين من خلال تعزيز بيئة تعاونية وبحثية ملهمة للممارسين والباحثين والطلاب بما يساعد علي التميزمحليا وإقليميا ودوليا

§  The Marketing program provides specialized marketing knowledge and skills to students at the academic and practical levels in order to develop qualified and professional candidates of marketers by fostering an inspiring collaborative and research environment for practitioners, researchers, and students in a way that helps to distinguish locally, regionally and internationally


§اكساب المعارف والمهارات والقدرات المهنية والاسس العلمية التي تؤهل الخريج لممارسة العمل بشركات المنتجات والخدمات والتسويق الوطنية (ومنها شركات المنتجات والخدمات – شركات الدعاية والاعلان – شركات بحوث التسويق – شركات الاستشارات التسويقية)، بما يتفق مع المعايير المهنية المصرية والدولية.

§اكساب المعارف والمهارات والقدرات المهنية والاسس العلمية التي تؤهل الخريج لممارسة العمل بالمنظمات الحكومية المعنية بالتسويق والعلاقات العامة (ومنها وزارة السياحة – وزارة الاثار – وزارة الخارجية)، بما يتفق مع المعايير المهنية المصرية والدولية.

§اكساب المعارف والمهارات والقدرات المهنية والاسس العلمية التي تؤهل الخريج لممارسة العمل بشركات الانتاج والخدمات متعددة الجنسيات في مصر، بما يتفق مع المعايير المهنية المصرية والدولية.

§  اعداد خريج يمتلك القدرة على الابداع المستمر في مجال التسويق وانتاج افكار جديدة مختلفة تحدث تحسن ملموس وواقعي في المجتمع.

§  تمكين الخريج للمنافسة محليا واقليميا ودوليا في مجال التسويق من خلال امتلاكه مؤهلات ومعارف واسس علمية تساعده على النجاح في مجال التسويق.

§تزويد الخريج بالمعرفة العلمية والعملية في مجال التسويق وبكل ما هو جديد في هذا المجال من خلال الربط بين الشرح النظري والتطبيق العملي في مجال التسويق ودمجه في المجالين معا للحصول على الفائدة المرجوة.

§  تزويد الخريج بالقدرات العلمية والبحثية بأسلوب علمي متميز في هذا المجال.

§   تعزيز بيئة البحث العلمي و تطبيقاته في مجال التسويق بما يزيد من كفائة اعضاء هيئة التدريس و معاونيهم و الطلاب.

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How would you evaluate your entire educational experience in MTI?